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Product Video


Fresh Coast Kombucha wanted a product video that tied some of the “brand lifestyle” aesthetic to the product itself, while filling a format that was easily digestible via social media.


We saw this video as a fantastic opportunity to really get creative with our product presentation shots, while also developing a story that flowed through the length of the video. Using storyboarding and mood boards we decided on a beach setting, with visuals that would complement the Fresh Coast ethos while also telling the story of the creation of this particular flavor of kombucha, “Lavender + Lemon”. Being that we shot the commercial in the middle of winter in Michigan we had to artificially create our beach set in a studio environment. To make sure the final set matched the visuals we were aiming for we relied heavily on our initial story and mood boards and purchased set pieces accordingly. After all of our material came in we went about executing the story board, focusing first on the practical shooting, and then later on greenscreen work (all of the flying lemons/lavender was shot separately on a green screen and overlaid in post).

While this edit quickly became a complicated one, we strove to make the final product look simple and laid back, just like the brand we were representing.

Our heavy reliance on our initial storyboarding made the editing process go smoothly, and produced a cohesive and engaging end product. We then took our finished video edits and focused intently on the overall sound design for the project. We knew that this extra attention to sound would sell our studio beach as a real beach, which was vital aspect in creating something that fit the Fresh Coast vibe.

Finally we finished the film with a warm color grade that pushed the feeling of laid back beach in the summer, a look that represented Fresh Coast Kombucha to a “T”.

Client reviews

“You won’t be disappointed with this team! Amazing quality videos and top notch creativity. Thank you, thank you!”

Fresh Coast Kombucha