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Motion Graphics



In the process of preparing their app for release, Notiphy needed a graphics driven video showcasing the many features they were offering to the market.


For this particular project we were hired in by Agile Growth Shop, the main company working to get Notiphy off the ground. This animation is a perfect example of when a story needs something a bit more complicated to truly fit the bill. While everything in this video could have been described via word art, it just wouldn’t have the same visual appeal and impact. By tying the words being said to visual examples, we allowed the end user to really visualize what Notiphy could do for their business. However, while this video is chalk full of detail and movement, our decision to keep the color palate fairly simple allows the final product to not feel overwhelming.

A video full of color and detail often is fun to create, but often only serves as a distraction from the main subject.

In the end this video felt like something that educated new potential customers on who Notiphy is, while still staying true to Notiphy’s branding and vision.